Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturdays 5 top Laughs

Its a day late, but yesterday was a travel day for us and I didn't have time to link up to Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles. 

5.) Aiden apparently is not a fan of red lights. Neither are a lot of people. One time while driving we hear him say from the back seat, "That stupid light is changing red. Now we have to stop." Of course we don't, or at least try not to say the word "stupid" in our house, so we are thinking that he learned it from daycare.

4.) On our flight out to Detroit there was a little bit of turbulence. Aiden grabs the arm rests and then says " Look Daddy!! Its like a roller coaster.!! 3.) A few minutes later he says when we were landing "its really bumpy. Everyone hold on tight!!"

2.) After getting ready for bed we had a chair pulled over to the sink so he could brush his teeth. Seth asks him what he is doing. " I'm looking in the mirror. I'm very handsome!"

1.) We were heading over to Starbucks and rather then waiting at the light I got out to walk over and then Seth would meet me in the parking lot. Fooling around, after I crossed the seat Seth did a little toot on the horn and said to Aiden that I was working the corner. Aiden then said in a scolding voice, "Daddy!!! That's not that funny."

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  1. So funny about the plane. H did the same thing when she was younger. And the things kids learn at school,lol. Glad you had a good trip. I took the weekend off from the sat laughs(we were in nj) but be back w sat laughs next week!