Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturdays Top Five Laughs


Linking up this week with Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles.

5.) Aiden is really starting to show his imaginative side lately and I love it. He will just randomly start talking and when I look over to respond I see that he is talking to one of his toys. The other day at bed time he said that Clifford ( the big red dog) was really sad. I asked him how come. "Because Mommy, he doesn't have any food."

4.) Rebecca is trying soooo hard to crawl and she will see Aiden moving around so in frustration she will straighten out her arms and legs and just scream out in disgust. Its pretty funny to see the temper in her already.

3.) We had our holiday photos taken today and when we were on our way home Aiden said that we needed to go home to change into some comfy clothes.

2.) "Mommy can you read to me?" "Of course I will. go pick out a book." "Can you read this one to me?" "You want to read that book?" "Yeah!! I want one of those!!!" - It was the Thomas the Train toy set catalog.

1.) Seth had to get a new car a couple weeks ago because it was going to cost too much to fix and it wasn't worth the repair bill.So Aiden asked if Daddy's car was fixed yet. I told him no it wasn't. Yeah it was too broke to be fixed. he had to get a new one.


  1. Its funny what they pick out for us mommys to read. Ethan tends to make me read a lot of Coloring Books hehe.

  2. Aiden, is a smart boy. He wants to read you the catalog so he can place his order! I love the imagination too. Love those kids! Hope you are having a great Saturday!

  3. Great laughs! I love imaginary conversation! Love the catalog shopping too! Pretty soon she will catch her brother and then it's on!