Monday, November 21, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

Well not on a jet plane, but just a regular commercial passenger plane. Its Rebecca's first plane ride and its been a year and a half since Aiden has been on a plane. Packing has been pretty interesting. I thought I could do it all with just 2 large suitcases, but as it turns out we needed a third medium size suitcase as well. I guess that is not too bad for 4 people for a 5 day trip. One of those being a 9mos baby and we all know all the crap..err.. gear they need.

Our flight was at 4:30pm out of Providence, RI as we were able to get a direct flight straight to Detroit that way. I'd rather not have to deal with layovers with 2 children. Aiden had his own seat which was great and Rebecca sat on my lap. As I was hoping she slept the whole way there since she didn't get her afternoon nap. The two weeks prior to the trip I made a craft with Aiden that was a count down to the plane ride as we would not be home to do a count down to turkey day. everyday Aiden put on another tail feather on his turkey so now it is a full feathered turkey. Looks pretty good.

Rebecca was a little cranky on take off because she was over due for a nap, but once we took off she was able to settle in and fell asleep on me. She woke up about 20 mins before we landed and was a little cranky, but at that point she was also hungry. Overall she did really well for her first plane ride.

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  1. I am so glad the plane trip went good. I was actually thinking of you after I text you:)