Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

All summer every since we planned to head out to Detroit I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving. We also decided back in September that Seth and I were going to participate in the 5K Turkey Trot race. I was excited about it since it was our first race ever and it gave us something to work for as far as exercising at home. I will admit that half way into the training that I started to get really discouraged because training was not going as well as I was hoping it would, but I stuck to it and I was determined to try my hardest and do the best that I could. I revised my race time goal and worked towards that.

It was pretty chilly come race time. I think it was about 35* outside and the wind was bitter when it hit you. It was pretty motivating to see all the other people out there and it was quite entertaining to see some of the costumes that people wear for this event.

 Getting ready for the race.

My official race time was 41mins. My goal was 45mins and it probably would have been shorter because I thought I had crossed over the finish line timer so I started walking. Afterwards we grabbed a snack and then headed back to the house to start prep for the big meal.

Wiped out before we even had the big turkey meal.  I'm not surprised that he fell asleep because he didn't get a nap the day before and he was up at 5:30am that day so we could get ready for the race. 

Tech family doesn't go anywhere without their phones.

Little Miss playing with Webb. 

The meal was great and it was even better with family. And I didn't even over eat which is always a good thing. Hope yours was just as great.

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