Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmakkah Year!!!

Yeah that would be Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year in one phrase since I haven;t been able to get my butt in gear to keep up with posting. So this post is going to get kind of long since I have a lot of updating to do on the past few holidays.

I will say that Christmas was really fun this year. Aiden was so into it this year and he knew that Santa was coming only if he was a good boy to bring him presents. Maybe next year or the one after that we will get into the real point of Christmas- the spirit of giving, togetherness, and caring.I'd like to do something next year to really give back. Maybe adopt a needy family with some of my friends. Honestly it makes me feel so good inside to know that I am helping someone that needs it. I only wish I could do more.
Anyways.. Christmas Eve- We were suppose to go to Edaville Railroad, but it was really cold outside and Rebecca was feeling a little off. Thought it was just her teeth, but a few days later I found out it was her ears. We went over a friends house instead to exchange gifts and let the boys play together.



 Red Racecar movie!! Just what I wanted!!

Even though Hanukkah was technically over we waited to celebrate it when Seth's sister was in town. It was really rushed though because we basically had  2 hours to eat lunch, dessert, open presents before we had to head out to the Disney on Ice show.

We didn't do much on New Years Eve. Aiden had a birthday party to go to that morning, but other then that it was to have a day to slow down and relax since the week had been so crazy busy. We did end up taking the lights off the house because it was such a beautiful day out. Didn't know when we would get another one like it and neither Seth nor I wanted to do it in 20* weather. Plus we left the lights on the house until April last year and we found out that a bunch of the light sockets had rusted out and killed half of a few strands.

Before bedtime we played for a little bit in Rebecca's room. She's having a blast crawling around and I also think she liked it better being upstairs because there is only the gate at the top of the stairs so she can go back and forth between all the bedrooms at her whim. Down stairs she gets trapped in the family room and she can't stand it. Makes a bee line for the stairs as soon as she gets free. Scales them in like 2 minutes flat. It won't be long before she's really walking on her own.

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