Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recipe Swap


Over at The Sippy Cup Chronicles we're doing a favorite recipe swap. Who doesn't love a good meal? While I don't have an image of the meal that I am going to tell you about It is a quick, easy and yummy one dish meal. I can't remember the exact name of the recipe, but this is what you need.

pork chops- cubed.
chopped celery
chopped green pepper
( I also alternate between green beans and broccoli in my choice of green vegetable for this recipe)
1 can regular tomato sauce
chili pepper
chopped chives

Toss everything into a saute pan with a lid. Cook until pork is cooked through out and the sauce thickens a little. While the pork is cooking make 2 cups of Minute Rice. Spoon rice onto a plate. Top with pork mixture. Serves 3-4.  

I got this recipe from the New Dieters Cookbook. My mother had the book and when I moved out I took it with me since there were so many recipes in it that I really loved. Its an old book released in 1996. But I still use it regularly. When you find something that works, you hold on to it. What are your favorite recipes?

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