Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Smoothies

So one of the many great ideas that I got from Pinterest is portioning out fruit for smoothies. Seth and I have been on a smoothie kick lately since you know its the new year and all and we were doing the same thing that everyone else is the month of January, trying to be healthier only we're actually going to try to make it stick so that we can feel better about ourselves (me mainly). You don;t pop out two kids and say " Damn!! I look hot!!" without working a little to get there and I want to be back there again. So I have been buying these smoothing packs from the supermarket. There are 2 servings in each bag, but at $3.00 a piece its not so cheap

In trying to make the dollar stretch as far as it can go short of growing my own fruit, ( just not going to happen) I decided to buy everything separately and to portion it out myself. I bought 2 large bags of frozen mixed fruit. And a box of freezer bags

I bought 2 containers of vanilla yogurt to make cubes in Rebecca's cube trays. Those things are great!!Not really a fan of plain yogurt though when mxed with fruit you may not even tell the difference and there is also the added sugar value of the vanilla flavoring so I think I will trade our vanilla yogurt for Rebecca's plain yogurt because the girl can afford to add a few extra pounds.

Next was the task of separating everything. In the premade smoothie pack I poured it into a measuring cup and found that there were 2 cups of fruit for the 2 servings. So I scooped 1 cup of fruit into each freezer bag so that we could make individual servings at home.

 Mixed berry
  Strawberry, peach, mango, pineapple
Yogurt cubes. Once they freeze you just slide them out since the bottom is rounded. And the trays are stackable. Each cube is 1oz.

In the end between the 2 bags of fruit I got 22 servings. If I were to buy the premade bags that would be 11 bags at a price of $33.00 + tax. I paid $25 and that was tax and freezer bags included. The only thing left is to add 1/2 a cup of milk per serving, blend and enjoy.

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