Saturday, January 21, 2012

Now a bottle free home.

Thursday I packed away all the bottles. Actually I went through them, peeled all the labels off them with Aiden and Rebecca's names on them, scrubbed off the label residue and threw away all the nipples. I posted them on Craig's List to see if anyone wants them that way and I am going to try to see them at the Spring Consignment Sale in March if they don't sell on CL.

Let's be honest. Rebecca has not taken a bottle in a little over a month and for me to keep them in the pantry until her birthday in a "just on case" moment that she decided that she wants one was just plain stupid. She's not going to take a bottle and she definitely wants nothing to do with formula as this point. The girl made my life a whole lot easier by making that decision herself. Aiden we had to cut him off the bottle cold turkey and even then he held out for almost 3 weeks before he would drink milk out of a sippy cup. We're still working on getting her to drink more milk, she prefers room temp water the best, but our pediatrician said that she really need should be in the formula still. Well.. she is...kind of. I put it in her fruit and in her yogurt and she eats it. She doesn't get the same amount, 20oz., that she got when she was drinking it, but she is getting about half so I guess that is something. And its not like she is dehydrated and not getting any fluids. I make sure that she drinks at each meal, before and after each nap. And she also gets fruit at each meal and snack as well which is loaded with fluids. So she is good to go in my opinion.

It is nice to have all that space in the pantry again so I can spread out the kids' food out a bit to see it better and don't have to worry anymore about making sure that I have water to make a bottle or if I remembered to fill the formula sorter. I just have to toss in a sippy cup. And ironically she's not keen in on the soft spout cups (woo hoo more stuff that I can get rid of!!), she likes the hard ones already. The thermo ones are still a little hard for her to suck out of at this point so she is using all of Aiden's old take n toss cups. Not bad they are stackable and don't take up that much room either. Now I guess the next step is to start going through all the old baby toys to see which ones I want to get rid of and which ones I want to hold on to for the future, like the shape sorter or the nesting blocks. Anything soft and fabric needs to be sold since that won't hold the test of time. I can't believe that its starting to come to this already. It goes by too fast.....

 Oh yeah, she's already got straws down too. (stealing brother's juice box)

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