Friday, January 20, 2012

First Snow of the Season

How sad is it that we live in New England and half way through January is when we have our first real snow? We had a snow fall back in October and that was a disaster for a lot of people because there were still a lot of leaves on the trees and the snow that we did get was really heavy wet  snow. It broke limbs and people were without power for a few days in some areas. We are really lucky that we have a small electric company that services our area and some of the neighboring towns so when we lose power it generally comes back on really fast. Hurricane Irene, we lost power for about 45minutes. We actually only left the house because we were having cabin fever and needed to do something so we went bowling.

Anyway. We got about 4 inches of snow and we were only predicted to get a dusting to 2 inches. I was excited to see the snow. Heck I saw all the snow at 2am when Rebecca woke up from a lost binky. It was quite peaceful. Once Rebecca went down for her morning nap, I showered, got dressed and out we went to play in the snow. Got Aiden all bundled up in his snow pants, coat and his boots. Grabbed the shovel and the sled and out we went.

Afterwards we decided to make brownies.

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