Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting back to "normal"

Since Christmas 2010 our family room has been rearranged to, first make room for the Christmas tree and then once that was taken down the space was filled with all of Rebecca's gear. Bouncy seat, swing, playmat and a bin with some soft toys and books. The couch was pushed under the window and it was a little tighter walking by. The view of the tv was better because you were a little further away, but it still looked funny because the love and seat and couch did not make the typical "L" that they normally do in most set ups. Well Today I finally took down the tree and all the decorations while the kids were at daycare. I moved the love seat back to where it originally was. I brought the end table back up from the basement where it has been used as a storage rack for the past year and I can say that it looks so much better. I love that we have our family room back to normal. I just need to get a new lamp for the table.

Also in this we moved Aidens train table down to make room for the new play kitchen and the further opened up more floor space in the actual play corner so that area looks so much bigger as well. Though I am not quite sure what we are going to do in 5 weeks after Toys R Us yet again throws up in our house after Rebecca's birthday. There is going to be quite a large toy purge as that point and I need to find a space for her impending Pottery Barn Anywhere chair.

God I can't wait until we do a playroom in the basement next winter....

...then I get a nice little reading corner over here and I can finally unpack some of my books that are still boxed up in the basement.

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