Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bridgewater Festival of Lights

Last night we got together with friends and headed over to see The Festival of Lights in Bridgewater. Its at a person's house and they have this whole lights display in their backyard that you can walk through. It's a good size if you have snall children that lose interest in things quickly and the best part about the whole thing is that its free. They actually just ask that you make a donation that goes to a local charity. There is a fire pit going to keep you warm and they offer popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee, donuts or cookies as well free of charge. You can even get your picture with Santa permitting that you donate $5. Aiden had a blast going and I am sure that he will be even more excited when we go to Edaville next week for Christmas Eve. This year has been the best so far because Aiden has been so amazed by the decor and he finally understands Christmas. He may not get the purpose of it, but he loves the lights and the trees and he knows that Santa brings presents. Our issue is going to be explaining to him the difference between Hanukkah and Christmas. I tried already and he definitely didn't seem to understand.

And a little sneak peak at our night.

 All around they ahd little display boxes that had scenes in them.

 Rebecca all bundled up.
 Santas candy shop.

 Aiden and Max

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