Friday, December 9, 2011

Little Holiday Crafts time

I was reading a blog of a fellow mom and she was talking about how she wishes she had more time to do some of the holiday crafts with her kids that she saw on other blogs and on Pinterest. And of course seeing a few of the things that she wanted to make made the crafty side of me come out. I'll admit that I have not taken full advantage of the 3 days a week that Aiden is home with me to do more crafting and drawing so today I decided that we would do something together while Rebecca was sleeping and she wouldn't get into everything either. Here is what we did today. I still need to add some final finishing touches so that we can put it up. Maybe a decorative frame with a red bow on it.

 Painting my hand for the first layer.
 Painting his hand for the second color.
 Adding in a third color just on his fingers.
 Holly berry details

Our hand print wreath.

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