Monday, December 5, 2011

Jolly Jaunt 5K and house lights

Ever since we did the 5K Turkey Trot in Detroit Seth has been all about running now. I will say that it is so much better to run outside then it is to run on the treadmill, but he has been looking up different races and planning out 10K's and even half marathons. My uncle is an avid runner so that is definitely something that is good for him. A running partner that is far better then me since I would still be considered in the baby stage of running. Still can't do a mile and Seth can hit 5miles no problem. I've never been a runner. I did gymnastics when I was young and from that you train to be a sprinter to gain speed as you head down the runway of the vault. Either way I would love to be able to fully run a 5K, 10K and even a half marathon. I don't expect to ever be able to run a full marathon. If it happens then so be it and I will be so excited to be able to say that I ran one. Only time will tell.

The race started at 12pm. Seth had to pick up his number and registration info. He ran with one of our neighbors. He finished the race in 23 minutes. He actually finished faster then I thought he was so we missed him crossing the finish line. Something that i am annoyed at myself for missing. After the race there were suppose to be some festivities, but it turned out that it was just lunch and a silent auction so we ate and then headed home for the kids to take naps.

After naps we headed outside to put up the remaining lights on the house but as usually that is a love/hate relationship. Why can't those stupid lights just work right? Why is it that every year there is always an issue with the darn Christmas lights. One doesn't work so then half the strand doesn't work. We had LED icicle lights we bought last year and out of the 4 strands on the main house only 1 set worked fully. The other three only half the strands lit up so we ended up just redoing the lights with strands that we had planned to put on a tree that was closer to the road. It does look much better and as we were looking through the dead sets we found out that the reason they died is that there were numerous bulbs that had rusted in the socket. Cheap pieces of crap! we were able to put more net lights on the bushes this year so it balances out nicely that there are less on the house.

 Putting the original lights on
 Redoing the lights.
 Helper Aiden
Rebecca just hanging out in the background.
End result, though I don't have the family room in this shot.

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