Friday, December 2, 2011

Rebecca- the crawler

In the past two weeks I have watched Rebecca get unbelievably mad at the fact that no matter how hard she tried she was still not able to move her little body. It was just not happening. Last week she seemed very content to be standing and she even started to cruise a little along furniture and started to pull up to standing as well. We thought that maybe she would just skip the crawling and start to walk since she liked cruising. At least she was able to "get" somewhere. Monday she started to do a few little crawls, but it was only two or three and then she would push back to sitting. Well Thursday she officially started crawling and she is a much happier camper. Of course I am not sure how happy Aiden is now that she can get into more of his toys. I foresee a lot more of Aiden shouting that she is tearing apart his trains or that getting into his cars. And it is funny to see Aiden go behind her grab her under her arms and pull her back away from the toys only to have her crawl right back to where she was just moved from. I just love that they are really playing together now and if she does get into something I have been reminding him that he just needs to give her something to play with so she will leave his toys alone. Doesn't always work though.

 "crawl like this."
Look at me stand!
 Now how to I get over this step?

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  1. I've been reading over your blog this morning. What sweet little kiddos you have! I love the crawling stage, though I wish the "getting into everything!" stage didn't go with it. :)