Saturday, December 17, 2011

Follow up to my craft fail- SUCCESS!!

So I get up this morning and I look at my miserable excuse for tile coaster,s and to my surprise, 99% of the bubbles were gone. GONE!!! I was so excited! I guess I don't have to find something else after all. That makes my life so much easier. Anyway. On to the next step. Adding in the felt on the bottom so they don;t scuff up your table or counter.

The original instructions had just regular cut up felt for the backing, but I like the felt pads better. I think it adds more cushioning. And it makes the coaster look like its floating. The pads are sticky, but I added glue around the outside of it to help secure it better to the tile.

Wrap your holiday ribbon of choice around the set. Slap in a gift bag and you're good to go. However I will say that the final step in the creation process is adding a top coat of clear acrylic to the coasters to help with the final seal and to give them a nice gloss. It dries really fast and but it says not to handle for an hour. That is fine, but the the acrylic has an odor that it gives off for a while. Causes quite the head ache and mess up the whole room in seconds. Good thing I made these early so that they can air out before I have to give them away. 

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