Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Craft-FAIL!!!

So since its the holidays and I am going through my list of people that I still ned to get things for it came to my attention that I neglected to put Aiden and Rebecca's teachers on my list. Crap!!! Now I have two sets of daycare teachers to buy for. So while trying to think of something I was reading another blog and in the post there was a DIY coaster craft. Plane tiles, scrapbook paper, modge podge, ribbon. Perfect!! I have something that I can make for cheap and is useful for the teachers, my hair stylist and I even decided to make a set for my uncle. Off to Michael's I go to pick out my paper and other needed supplies. Lowe's is where I picked up the tiles.

So my tiles are layed out. I'm cutting out the paper to go on each set of 4 coasters. I start to glue them down with the modge podge. I put the top coat on. This is a breeze and then I see this.

 and this....
 and this!!
Freaking bubbles in the paper!!! Seriously!!! If you are going to post a craft on your blog and you are going to spout that it is super easy to do you need to have the specific details of what to do. Yes it is pretty simple to do and it was all going really smoothly until this. Now there is no fixing these. I've tried to spread out the paper and it's not helping. Money straight down the toilet and I still need to get gifts for them now. The only ones that did not bubble were the set that I used very heavy paper.

I mean would it have helped if I put saran wrap over them while the modge was drying and then I could have layed something on top to help keep the paper flat? Maybe I should have sprayed it with some sort of polyurethane first to help seal it better to the tile before putting the modge on so that it would have prevented the bubbling.  I don't know, but I also now have to deal with Seth taunting me in the oh so loving way he does about my epic craft fail. Either way I am pretty annoyed that it all turned to crap.

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