Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All About Rebecca

In think about what I wanted to write today the thought came to my mind about Rebecca last night in the bathtub wih her playing with her toys. She definitely has her favorite bath toys (the squirt fish) so I figured that I would do a post about her. Later in the week I will do one about Aiden.

NAME- Rebecca Brynn
AGE- 13.5 mos
WT- 18lbs 13oz
EYES- Brown
HAIR- Brown
FAVORITE MEAL- Raviolis or scrambled eggs
FAVORITE SNACK- yogurt or yogurt bites
FAVORITE TOY- the phone that came with the toy my sister gave her for her birthday
FAVORITE COLOR- Purple. It may seem early for this, but she seems to gravitate towards anything purple.
FAVORITE CHARACTER- Mickey or Minnie Mouse
No. OF WORDS- not so many. I thought she would be a talker since she is a girl, but she is also a second child so everything is "dee". You just have to know the context of when she is using it to know what she means. She definitely understands what you say to her though. Her new word is "uh oh" so there are a lot of things being dropped lately.
FAVORITE ACTIVITY- Going out side on the swings.

She is definitely starting to come into her own person. She gets mad when you tell her that she can't do something. Her big thing right now is that she likes to hand things to you. When she does something she smiles and claps her hands in praise of herself. I think the funniest thing that she does right now is when she walks through the gate in the kitchen she will turn around and close it. Its usually closed to keep her in the family room so she knows that it is suppose to be closed. She is very much a Daddy's girl. If Aiden does something that she does not like she will ball up her fist, raise it in the air and yell at him. Then she will look to see if we are around and she comes complaining to us. If we tell her "no" then she will arch her back, and let out a complain. Sometimes she will even throw herself on the grown on her belly and kick out her legs in a mini tantrum.

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  1. such a lovely post! sounds like you are loving and appreciating your daughter right now!! good for you!!