Sunday, March 4, 2012

Top 5 Laughs

5.) This week I finally got my new camera. The box was in my car and Aiden asked what it was. I told him, "Mommy that is a really big camera!!"

4.) Yesterday whe Aiden got up in the morning her told us what he wasntd to do. #1- we got to swimming. #2 we get hair cuts. #3 we got get my new ipad.( ther is a new android tablet coming out the end of the month just for kids and we foolishly told him about it.)

3.) I decided that we need to get a bag for Rebecca's school bedding instead of using chea plastic bags. I told Aiden that we needed a bag for her " Yeah we have to get her a pink princess back pack. That sounds right." Wow the market sure has them cornered.

2.) Rebecca's new thing now when we are out to eat is while she is eatting she likes to turn around with a mouth full of food and she starts "talking" to everyone and everything. Like she is announciung to the world that she is eatting at that moment. And she's pretty loud about it.

1.) At Walmart this morning, as soon as we walked in the door Aiden tells me that we need to :go this way" Why? "because I need to go look at the treadmills this way."

I know that there were more this week, but I was really lax and didn't write them down. I'll try to be better about it for next week,

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  1. Yah for your new camera! Yah! That is so funny- a really big box,lol. Too funny with Rebecca and her food! I need to look at the treadmills- he is too funny! Loved your laughs girl!