Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book Worming

I finally was able to get by the library to pick up our library card.  Our library is very small and I really hope that we will get by there more often, but a part of me has a feeling that Aiden won't be so interested in it just yet. I'll try. I'll also try to check the website for anything going on there as something to do. Either way Rebecca came with me on the 23rd since she had to stay home from daycare because of her eye. Which turned out to be just what I thought it was- nose drainage. Thanks daycare for making me waste a vacation day. Though I did get a lot done around the house.

Back to the library. The big reason I signed up for a card is because we can get discount tickets for other attractions. There is a smaller aquarium near us that I want to go to on a day when it is junky outside.

After picking up my card I  headed downstairs to the children's area. I wanted to check out the place and Rebecca had a little fun running around since we were the only ones there. However it was "fun" trying to keep her from doing her favorite thing...pulling all the books off the shelves and throwing them on the floor.

 reading makes me very thirsty.
 running through the stacks.
 what should i read now?

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  1. How adorable. I can't wait to hit our libraries with our future little ones!