Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Top o' the morning to ya!!

This post is a day late not because I was slacking and didn't get my butt in gear, but because I wanted to include the photos from the Boston St. Patricks Day 5K that Seth and I participated in and the race was the day after St.Patty's day- which we didn't get any pictures. I worked my butt off to be able to run as much of the race as possible and I started to feel a little nervous when I heard people talking about the hills in the course. I, of course, had not trained for hills. I just wanted to be able to finish an entire race before I tackled hills.

The race started off on a hill. It didn;t seem like that much of a hill until you turned the corner and saw that it kept going. I made it up that hill and was able to make it all the way to the turn around point which was about 1.5miles in, at which point you then had to run back up the hill you just came down. GOOD LORD!!! That is ultimately what killed me. However, once I made it up the hill. ( I was able to run about half the way up) I was able to continue my way to the finish line.  In the end I ran 75% of the race and had a finish time of 35.40 My actual running time was 35:08. This is the time the was recorded on my number chip. So in the end I beat my goal time of 36 minutes. Probably woul dhave been closer to 30 minutes had there not been any hills.

After the race was the St. Patricks Day Parade. I have always wanted to take the kids to it, but sometimes it just seemed like a huge pain and the timing was never right. I really wanted to take them in this year since we were already going to be in Boston, but I'm glad that we skipped it this year because I was tired and we needed to shower and change. Next year we will come in for the parade and not do the race. Or we might find a more local race and parade to go to.

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