Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Next Stage of Growing up

So I guess we've hit the point where there are some aspects and things that kids do that make you wonder if they are a toddler or are they a teenager. That being said we've hit the next stage of Aiden's drive towards independence,

"I want to pick out my own clothes."

This can be pretty trying since he takes a while to decide what he wants and he also doesn't watch the weather like we adults do. For example, this morning he wanted to wear jeans. No way am I sending him to school in jeans when its suppose to be 80*+ today. We settled on a Fruit Loops shirt and tan shorts. Usually we pick out the clothes the night before to make it easier, but last night was Seth's night since I was at the gym.

I love that he wants to be more involved in his daily life. I still have a little bit of a say in what he wears, but I try to leave that mostly up to him. I still get to call all the shots with Rebecca, but those days are numbered as well.

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