Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

Since St. Patricks Day is coming up I had been looking for something cute to bring to in for Aidens class. I found this idea on Pinterest. How cute!!

Pinned Image

Rainbow cupcakes with gold frosting (I added the gold frosting for touch) . Seth thinks I was over doing myself. But....everyone is going to love them and I love putting a smile on people's face. Plus, Aiden had such a blast helping me make them. He poured the batter in the bowl. Helped pour in the water and mixed it up a bit. He chose the colors and since we made mini cupcakes we only did 3 colors.  Yes there was a little more work involved with putting the batter in the pans because you have to make sure that you don't put too much of each color, but I think they came out looking pretty good.  What do you think?

Mixing the batter

Putting the papers in the pan.

I also made these chocolate covered oreos for work. They are suppose to be on a stick so that the whole cookie is covered, but the person from pinterest failed to mention that unless you use double stuff oreos the stick splits the cookie apart. Aiden helped me put the green sprinkles. As you can see he did the ones that are heavy on the green.

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