Monday, March 5, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Since spring and summer are coming up we thought that it woul dbe good idea to start Aiden on swimming lessons. I had thought about doing it last year, but woth Rebecca being so young at the time it seemed like it would be a lot of work and its not like I would have been able to take him to the public pool by myself so we decided to wait a year. Plus, this year we are YMCA members where they have the lessons. Rebecca will be fine just sitting there watching her brother swim and Aiden is older now and gets more involved in activities. The class that we signed up for is Saturday mornings. Either Seth or I have to go in with him( we'll rotate each week) and its for a half an hour. We decided to do this class because Aiden has only ever been in a big pool with one of us so we thought it would be better for him to get used to being in such a large body of water. The spring II session that he will take in May we will sign him up for the class that he goes in with just the teacher. To both of us we felt that it is very inportant that both kids learn how to swim. There are so many accidents that happen around bodies of water and not knowing how to swim an be very detrimental for someone. It also teached Aiden pool and water safety, which we tell him every time we are near a body of water. But either way swimming is something that I think everyone should learn.

Just like riding a bike.

Here are some shots of his first swim lesson.

 Getting ready for the class to start.
 Rebecca having a snack while she watches.

 Going under.


  1. love the jumping in shots! looks like so much fun :)

  2. Yah for Aiden and swimming. That is awesome!