Sunday, September 9, 2012

Davis Farmland

At the beginning of the summer I bought a family voucher to Davis Farmland off one of these “deal a day” websites. It was up to 50% savings on tickets so I figured it would be great for a day trip out there with the kids. We had planned to go 2 different times, but each time that we had planned to go Rebecca ended up being sick. So finally we went this past weekend because it was the last weekend we could use the pass before it expired. 

We headed out after breakfast and while normally an hour drive is not that bad, when you add in two kids it makes the drive seem that much longer. And I hate to say it, but I don’t see us heading back anytime soon. The kids did have a good time after they finally settled in. Rebecca started to get cranky because it was a long drive for her and she was starting to get tired and likewise with Aiden.  Once we got there it took the kids a little bit to open up to the fact that they could touch the animals with they wanted to. I will say that the favorite part for them was the splash park though. They could run through the sprinklers and water jets. I didn’t get a shot of it, but there was one moment when a water jet shut off on Rebecca. She leaned down to see where the water went and then a few seconds later it turned back on and she got shot in the face with the water. It was pretty funny and she just laughed at it. We stayed until about 1:30. Put the kids in dry clothes because I neglected to bring their swim suits. I did bring towels just in case, but didn’t think they would get as wet as they did. Good thing I keep extra clothes in the car. Aiden stayed up for the whole ride home, but Rebecca conked out within 5mins. It was short lived because she woke up after only 30mins and we tried to get her to finish her nap at home, but she was not having any of that so she ended up going to be around 6pm since she was so tired.  It was a good day all around though.

I did have 2 more photos that I was going to add in, but blogger is being stupid and keeps posting them in landscape orientation when they are in portrait. As shown above.

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