Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Soccer Practice

Aiden had his first soccer practice this past September 15th ( yeah I know this post is a bit late.). We were the first to arrive at the field and when we pulled up Seth could tell that Aiden was getting g nervous. He tried to hide it, but when we started to get out of the car he started to get a little teary eyed like he was really afraid. We told him that it was just for fun and that there would be other kids on the field as well for him to play with. It was definitely good that we were early so that Aiden could have the chance to get out on the field by himself and warm up a little. 

There were about 20 other kids that were in the class. They started off with kicking the ball to each other and they also did a little bit of “dribbling” with the ball down to the little nets. That went on for about 30mins and then the last 15mins they had a small scrimmage with the kids. It was too cute watching the kids trying to go for the ball. Kicking it in the wrong direction. Scoring on their own goal. Aiden definitely likes to be on the offensive side of the field as opposed to the defensive side. He got all mad when we told him to go get the ball. Stopped and yelled that he can’t get it that another kid has the ball. We told him that he needs to go get in there and take the ball away from them. I think he liked that aspect.  Overall he did really well. I know that it’s just a beginner class, but I noticed that he was the only kid out there with cleats on. Maybe he doesn’t need them yet? I don’t know, but the field was wet from it raining that morning and a few of the kids that were just wearing sneakers did slip on the grass. I figure if he is going to play a sport then I’d rather he wear the right stuff from the beginning. The coach did say that their shorts were on order and they should have them soon.

 Getting some pointers from Daddy.

 Rebecca stretching too.
 Run around the filed for a warm up.

 post practice scrimmage

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