Friday, September 14, 2012

First Dentist Visit

Aiden had his first dentist visit this past Wednesday. Seth took him because with my awesome vacation schedule I don’t have any time to take the kids to the doctors anymore unless it’s for a sick visit. Mind you I was under the impression that the first visit entailed the teeth getting counted and little else being done. Boy was I wrong. After check in, Aiden was brought back to the cleaning chair. They counted his teeth. Looked over to see if there was any plaque buildup. I guess one tooth had a tiny amount on it. Then they did a fluoride treatment and it was off to have x-rays done. The whole shebang like an adult has at a cleaning. And he just sat there and let the dentist do what they needed to do. His only concern the whole time he was there was that he was in the yellow chair and he wanted to sit in the blue chair instead. He picked out a new toothbrush and Seth set up an appointment for 6mos from now. They said that his teeth were pretty much perfect. That makes me feel better that we are doing well at making sure that they stay healthy. He does get candy on occasion and cookies, but for the most part we try to stick to fruits, cheese and yogurt for snacks. I wasn’t blessed with awesome problem resistant teeth so I hope he doesn’t inherit any problems from me in the future. We’ll just keep up with what we are doing and hope for the best. 

Cool shades from my teeth cleaning.

 Getting x-rays done.

 Seth took him to the store to pick out something for being such a great patient.

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