Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Shrub Work

Why yes I did just plant 2 new shrubs after ripping 8 two weekends ago. In my defense, the ones that were ripped out were the plain jane, standard evergreen shrubs that are in front of everyone’s house.  What I planted were more ornate bushes.   

  They are called Tor Spirea.

 Spring flowers
Fall Leaves- a few of ours are currently a dark purple at the moment.

I really wanted the Goldflame Spirea (below) because those have leaves that turn a red/gold color in the fall and have a magenta colored flower in the spring. 

I probably could actually still get these if I were to cut down the 2 ratty looking Azalea shrubs.

The Tor spirea has a white flower in the spring and the leaves turn red/purple in the fall. I think it will add a nice touch to the house to have something a little different. This October once everything starts to go into hibernation I am going to be relocating my 3 butterfly bushes.

 (yes there are three bushes squished in there)

 I didn’t realize they grew so large when I put them into my garden circle last October, so they are going to be moved to the side of the yard where they can grow larger and hide all the overgrowth on the property that is next to us. My hydrangea will then be moved to the front of the house where it will have more sunlight and will be able to grow better. It should be a lot bigger then it is right after 3 years of having it. I’ll probably also move my blackberry bush to the spot where the hydrangea currently is because while there is not a whole lot of sun over there, it does get a decent amount of sun in the afternoon and it will be easier for me to watch the berries to hopefully get them before the birds do.

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