Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Game Play

Somehow I managed to miss August, but since Aiden’s birthday just passed and he received a few games we’re back on track for doing this every month for the rest of the year.

This month’s game is Pop Goes Froggio. 

  shuffle your cards and lay them out.
 Set your animal.

 A match!!
 Launch Froggio!!

Basically you try match up the lily pad cards and once you do then you run over and launch Froggio into the air. Rinse and repeat. You're suppose to catch the frog and then you can keep the pair you found and continue on with the game until all the cards are matched up, but we're still working on catching, so for now he will just launch and laugh. Of course Aiden had a hoot launching the frog into the air.

 Leo was trying to get in on the game as well.

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