Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Run to the Rock 5K

So another race under my belt and this one I actually ran the whole thing. I have been working really hard lately with my training and while I did my first 5K Thanksgiving  and did a second one in March for St Patrick’s Day I didn’t really start focusing on training until the first week in July. I had tried the C25K app on my phone and it didn’t seem like it was working for me. Come to find out that our treadmill is not that great. I am pretty sure it’s at a slight incline from the way our house sits so that will make it difficult for me in running. I did find another app called Ease into 5K and I like this one much better. There are more intervals to help you gradually get into running if you are not a runner like I was. I’m still working on things, but it’s getting better.  Now that I have finally finished a race running the whole thing, I just have to start working on my time. 

So we had a sitter come for the kids since the race was at 9am and both of us were running. Aiden was happy because we are currently using one of his old teachers that he really liked. Seth ran the 10K and I ran the 5K. The problem with that was that they started in 2 different locations so I had to drop off Seth and then I drove over to where my race started. We ended in the same place though. It was kind of warm out, but there was a nice sea breeze going through so it made the run better. There were to decent size hills that I will say I had not trained for, but I watched my pace and I was able to work through it all. Seth did really well with his time; beating his best by almost 3minutes. I was surprised to see him coming up to the finish when he did and had to scramble to go over and meet him. When we saw the race results we saw that he came in 4th place for his age group and missed 3rd by 7seconds. He would have gotten  a trophy and some sort of prize money as well. Something to remember for next year.

 My Medal for finishing.

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