Monday, September 10, 2012

The Consignment Haul...

....haul it all away!!!!

This is my second fall season for consignment sales. Last year I only did one sale because I didn't know about all the other sales in the area. I was pretty disappointed in how little I sold last year, but what I did sell covered what I bought for the kids for last year. So that wasn't too bad. This year going through my inventory since I chose to take all unsold items back and going through what the kids wore last year; it was a bit overwhelming at first once I started to pull the bins off the table in the basement. It was somewhat reassuring to know that half of the stuff was already ironed and hung up from last fall. But since I am doing 3 other sales as well I needed to upload all the inventory into each of the databases. Once that was all done I slowly started the ironing and hanging part. This is the most time consuming of the whole task, but once this part is done the only thing that I need to do for each subsequent sale is re-tag.

And this is this year's sale inventory. I had to go out and buy a shower curtain rod because I didn't have enough hanging space for everything. When it was all said and done, 276 hangers worth of clothing.( This also includes shoes that were able to be sold)

 Back of the clothes horse

 Front of the clothes horse

 The shower curtain rod and on the far right there is a towel rack that has a few things on it as well.
Why yes I hanging clothes on our home gym!

It is quite a lot of clothes, but this also included all of Aiden's baby clothes that I held on to. I did give a bunch of things to Seth's sister as she just had baby boy a week ago and there were a number of things that went into the donate pile since I didn't deem them suitable to be sold. This past spring I sold about 75% of the items that I had so I am hoping that will be the case again. The kids are all set as far as winter clothing goes, but there might be a few things that I will look for like toys. The relief is that after this winter there will never be this amount of clothing to go through. From here on out it will just be one season to deal with and the linger leftovers from the previous years sale. Thank god!!!

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