Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get Your Party Hat On!!!

This weekend was Aiden’s birthday party. We decided to have it at a party place this year. SO glad we did. It was soooo much easier than having it at the house. No need to clean up. All I had to get was favors, balloons and cake.  There was plenty of room for the kids to run around and id we did happen to have rain, we were inside. Basically we did the math out and the cost of having the party at the house was the same as if we did it at a place. And I didn’t have to worry about having a clean house either. BONUS!!!

So the party was held at Kidz Wurld in N. Attleboro. It’s an indoor bouncy house and they also have a toddler area for smaller kids as well. Within a minute of being in the place Aiden was already jumping in one of the houses. There were about 16 kids there total which included 2 babies, but since the place was so big there was no squishing and the adults could basically relax because we rented the place out to ourselves so there were no outside people allowed in.  Aiden did start to fall asleep on the way home from such a busy day and we were hoping that he would take a nap. We brought him up to his room, but about 20mins later he was down the stairs asking to open up his presents. Everything had been put into a giant bag so when Seth brought it in from the car it almost looked like he was Santa Claus with his sack full of presents. And for good measure Seth did say “Ho Ho Ho! Happy Birthday!” 

Aiden had a blast with all his friends and I took so many pictures. Below is only a sampling of some of my favorites. I’m tempted to go back there for Rebecca’s party since it will be in February and be cold. And there might also be an addition 9-10 people.  I might see what else is more local or…. I may brave and have people over at the house, but that is A LOT of people so we’ll see when it gets closer to that time.

 He shoots. He scores!!!
 Racing with cousin Naomi

 She had a blast jumping around

Spare a quarter?
 Such big smiles!!

 Fuel time!!

 Why yes you are.

 Playing with his best friend from school. (Brayden)
 Make a wish.

 Its Birthday Claus!!!

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