Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baby Food

Everyone always says that homemade anything is usually the best. Not to be confused with the odd outfits that an Aunt Mildred would make thinking that it was the cutest thing. ( No I don't have an Aunt Mildred, nor did I ever receive such gifts.) With Aiden he ate store bought baby food and he drank formula once I returned to work. Since I am still currently not working I figured to help save money I would make Rebecca's baby food. One apple or one pear or one sweet potato does go a long way mealwise. I guess since I have more time I was able to research things more and I really wish I had done this with Aiden because it really doesn't take that long to do. So far the hardest part has been waiting for the food to finish cooking (the sweet potato took an hour to bake). I bought this book when I was still pregnant. Out of all the baby food books on the shelf this had the most amount of recipes in it for an affordable price.

I believe it was $20 at Barnes & Nobles.

I bought these food trays from They are by Mumi Bubi. They come as a 2 pack with a total of 42 1oz sections and have a lids as well. So far today I made sweet potato and pears.

2 large sweet potatoes and 3 medium sized pears. Plus I put 2 servings of each in the refrigerator for today and tomorrow.

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