Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh the tantrums

I know that this is just a phase, but Little Man has had some serious tantrums lately in addition to the screaming. It just makes you want to rip your hair out or just lock in him in his room until he turns 4. Maybe, just maybe it will have passed by then, but I am not holding my breath. Obviously it happens when you tell him "no" and he can't get his way. A lot of the time it happens when he is tired so the apparently is one of the side effects. However I know that he is just trying to assert himself as an individual person and he wants to be more independent. Its hard to convey the message to him that there are still certain things that he cannot do yet.

And of course there is Rebecca. My little sunshine smiley girl. Until she wants something. Last night we were in the pool and she was screaming. At first I thought she just didn't want to be in the pool, but it wasn't an upset scream it was an angry scream. I saw that she was staring at the swing. She wanted to go in the swing and wanted to let you know. Can't wait until she can actually talk...

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