Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comparing children.

No matter how much you try to not compare children you always end up doing it in the end. You think back to when each child hit a milestone and try to remember if the second or third child did each one sooner or later then the child before them. Here are just a few of the ones that have crossed my mind lately.


Rebecca 5.5 mos

Aiden 6.5mos

EATING- At this point Aiden was just getting started on rice cereal. We tried it out at 4.5 mos, but he really didn't seem like he was getting the whole eating with a spoon thing so we waited a month. Rebecca was copying us at 3.5 mos. She wanted what we were eating. So far she has had apples, pears, peaches, plums, prunes, sweet potato, green beans, squash, a Mum Mum and as of last night she wanted to suck on the lemon from Seth's iced tea. She even got mad when Seth took it away from her.

Aiden Jan 2009

Rebecca June 2011- not really liking the rice cereal so we skipped it.

Last night with the lemon.

There are so many other comparisons like Rebecca started to sleep through the night at 12wks and Aiden didn't until he was 7 mos. But there are also theses. Aiden was sleeping in the crib at 10 weeks. Rebecca is still sleeping in her Rock n Play. Aiden would fall asleep almost anywhere as long as he was in his car seat. Rebecca will only sleep if she is in her swing at home or if the car is moving. She also developed separation anxiety around 4mos whereas Aiden didn't until around 8mos. That may have something to do with the fact that Aiden was in daycare at 14weeks and Rebecca is still at home with me.

I do know that both kids are smart and I know that they are their own people. I know that I will probably still compare reaching milestones, but I do keep in mind that they are also different genders. Girls tend to reach milestones fast then boys and it doesn't that Rebecca also has a big brother that she is dying to catch up to.

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