Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend at Cape Cod

OMG was it work!!!!! Seth and I figured that since we don't live that far away so we would save money by just driving down every day instead of staying in a hotel like we did last year. I don;t recommend doing that again or we just go for one day. Aiden can go without a nap, but usually by 5pm his ugly side starts showing its face and especially when he has been outside all day. He did not stand a chance. 2pm hit and when we left the beach he was rearing to go. My in-laws were nice and offered to let us come back to their room since they had a 2 room suite, but he fell asleep on our way to the hotel and once we got inside he wouldn't go back down. Day 2 was much better and he managed to take almost a 2 hour nap. Day 3 he fell asleep in the car on our way back to my sister in laws because we ended up taking the long way back to the house after lunch.

Rebecca...on the other hand. That poor girl. She is just a creature of habit and if she is not in her usual place she just will not conform. At least not at this point. For 3 days she fought napping and pretty much only slept 1-2hours the whole day. She was tired. She was miserable. And since she was feeling that way she also was not eating well during the day so there were a lot of bottles where I dumped out half of it. Since there were so many of us, dinners took longer and we didn't end up heading home until almost 7pm, which is her bedtime. Add in an hour drive home and she wasn't getting to bed until 8:30pm at the earliest. Her only saving grace was that she was able to sleep in her own room and she did sleep great there, but then we had to do it all over again the next day. So now that we are home and back to regular routine she slept 14 hours last night. Honestly I have no idea what we are going to so when we go to Storyland in NH for the weekend the end of the month. Seth has realized this dilemma as well and he knows that we need to do something for naps while there. I am pretty sure that the park allows you to come ans go as you please the entire day so we may do some of the park and then go back for naps and then return in the afternoon to do some more of the park. We'll see how that all goes.

"Mr. and Mrs." (Aiden with cousin Naomi)

Digging tunnels at Seagull Beach.

Just hanging out after dinner.

Playing with cousin Justin

Playing minigolf.

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