Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loves his Red Racecar

So as a toddler boy, Aiden is just like other boys his age and by that I mean that he is obsessed with Disney's Cars. He has pajamas. His pull ups have Cars on them. He has Cars slippers. He has a Cars powerwheels type of thing. He has a cars tray that is an art tray, but we use it for eating on the couch. You get the point. I have a pair of generic Crocs for him and they are getting small so I went looking ofr a new pair for him yesterday. Ironically Walmart had a pair or Cars on the shelf. The last pair and they were Aidens's size as well. I had to get them and for $5 as well you can't beat that. He was soo excited when he saw those shoes yesterday. He had to wear them for the rest of the day until he went to bed.

of course upon going to bed he had to put them next to his stool so he could put them back on when he got up in the morning. And yes they were on his feet when he went to school today n addition to the Cars shirt he requested to wear.

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