Sunday, July 24, 2011


As Aiden gets older I notice that the cuddles start to get fewer and fewer. He loves to cuddle when watching Mickey right before bedtime and there are times on Fridays when its just him and I that we cuddle while reading a book, but it's not like it used to be. I can still get my cuddle fix for the time being with Rebecca, but I know that there will be a day that those to will start to fade.

Last night I heard Aiden stirring in his room around 11:45pm. I went in to check on him. he was still sleeping so I tucked him in and left. A few minutes later I heard him again. I went in again. He sat up I gave him a hug. He asked me to sit with him for a little bit. I sat down and he still seemed fidgety. I asked if he wanted a drink of water. he did. I got him one and he was waiting for me on the step stool. He drank and then I decided to pick him up to put him in bed. He put his head on my shoulder so we sat together for a bit to cuddle. It was soo nice.

This morning I was down stairs getting things ready for the day. I knew that Aiden was up but he headed to our room where Seth was. After a bit I went up to check on them. They weren't in bed, but rather when I turned I saw them cuddling on the floor. Apparently Aiden wanted to lay there to cuddle instead of in the bed. All I can say is that I wish I had the camera. It was sooo cute. No matter how big he gets I know that there will always be a time that he will want to cuddle with one of us.

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