Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things Kids Say.

I love watching as Aiden grows up and his mind expands, constantly learning new things. I am constantly amazed when I see him doing something new and wondering where he learned it or if he talks about something that happened days, weeks, even months ago. They're such little sponges. Yesterday as I was napping on the recliner Aiden comes over to me( after he got up from his nap) and I opened my eyes to see him. He cups my chin and says to me "No Mommy. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Listen to me." It was so cute because he said it so lovingly.

The other day in the car he was saying his name.
"My name is Aiden Klaplan."
So I correct him, 'No, KAP-lan.".
"No Mommy its KLAPLAN! I know it is!"

And some pics.

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