Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Picking take 1 and take 2

Take 1- 9/17/11

So we decided to go apple picking because its such a beautiful weekend. Really the perfect weekend for it. We pick a time. Coordinate with friends on when to go. Meet up. Get to the orchard and say, "Hey. Isn't there usually a line of cars into the orchard?" we drive down the beaten path, literally a dirt road/path. get there and see the gate closed and a sign with the hours that pick your own ends at 4pm. Oops. so we headed over to the farm stand store instead. Here are a few shots from that.

Not a fan of the pumpkins.

Sitting pretty in the flowers.

TAKE 2- 9/18/2011
So I was really bummed about not going apple picking yesterday. Rebecca was already in for her morning nap and Aiden was outside riding his car and all I can think about is how much I really want to go apple picking because of how beautiful it is. Yes I feel like a spoiled rotten brat for throwing my inner tantrum, but damn it I wanted to go apple picking. I asked Aiden if he wanted to go apple picking. Yeah. Ok! It's just you and me buddy. What about Daddy? Daddy is doing some work right now because Rebecca is sleeping, but he will come with us in two weeks when we go again. Ok. We go potty and out the door we go. I will say that I almost forgot how easy it was to be with just one child. The one child that can communicate back to you and uses the toilet too. Soooo easy!! Rebecca will get her apple picking time in two weeks as well. Plus with only having one child with me I was able to get some great shots of Aiden having fun.

Lets go this way.

Mommy you start this for me (as in take the first bite)

How about this one.

It was a great day for picking!!! And since we have a freezer in the basement I plan to slice the apples and freeze then for pies and crisps through out the winter instead of having to go buy apples.


  1. So cute! Its awesome to get one on one time. Rebecca didnt like it,boo. Pictures are adorable. Cant wait to see them.

  2. Can i just say how incredibly jealous i am of the fact that you can GO apple picking and wear long sleeved shirts and jeans?! Love the pics and you can send apple crisp my way anytime ;)