Friday, September 9, 2011

The Birthday Post

I’ve been such a procrastinator on this blog post. The problem is that all the pictures are still on my camera and I haven’t taken the time to go through which ones I want to share. Anyway.

Aiden’s birthday was planned or August 28th. It was a Sunday and then earlier that week as we are watching the weather to see if we would be able to be outside like planned or if all 30or so people were going to be cooped up in the house we see that a lovely Hurricane Irene is on her way for a visit. Girl you were neither invited to the party nor do I accept your RSVP. So all week we struggled with “Do we still have to party inside?” “Do we just reschedule for a different week?” As we watched the weather it seemed evident that we would only be getting rain and a lot of wind and that the peak of the storm would not hit us until later in the evening. Ok. We can still do this. We moved the party to 11am from the original 3pm time. I called all the vendors to make the change. We were all set to go. Everyone was on board with the new time. Then the night before we find out that Irene put her jets on and we were going to be hit earlier in the day. That is when all the cancelations started. Now I’m not going to lie. I was pretty bummed that we were not going to be having Aiden’s party after all. I had spent the night before decorating the house and Aiden even saw all the decorations in the morning and he was excited for his birthday party. However, it was really windy out and a lot of our friends and some family lost power. In the end it was better that we rescheduled and we probably should have in the first place (that would have saved the cake). The ultimate goal was that everyone stayed safe during the storm. And Aiden was really good about not asking when the party was going to start. We were able to change the date on the food and the balloons however the cake had been made the night before so we still had to pick that up. It was a great looking cake and I probably should have frozen it in the freezer for the following weekend instead of cutting into it. Oh well. We just ordered a smaller cake from Shaw’s with an airbrush picture of Toodles on it instead of a Toodles shaped cake.

Fast forward to Sept 3rd. It was a beautiful day out. Not too hot. A little bit humid, but not too bad. We were able to be outside and the kids were able to run around and let off any built up energy. We set everything up while Aiden napped so he wouldn’t get too excited to sleep. A few friends could not make it in the end due to a prior engagement, but we will be planning a play date soon with them. Over all it was a great day. Aiden took turns giving his friends a ride in his new Powerwheels truck that he got from Seth and I. We decided to build it and give it to him on Friday knowing that the weekend was not going to be good weather and we wanted him to be able to ride it a little bit. He does really well at driving and steering.

So Aiden had a Mickey Mouse birthday. I had little activities set up based on Clubhouse episodes. We didn’t end up getting to 2 of them. One being Goofy’s Lost Hat AKA pin the hat on Goofy and we also did not do Pluto’s Bubble Bath, which was a bubble blowing sprinkler toy. You hook it up the hose and it shoots water and blows bubbles. It just wasn’t hot enough to do that. The kids loved Minnie’s Rainbow- colored ice cubes that made a rainbow in your drink. There was Daisy’s Flower Garden- Foam flower frames art project that you decorated with other flower stickers and bugs. There was Donald’s Ducks- a duck fishing game. And the last one we did was Mickey’s Big Surprise- a piñata with goodies inside. The kids loved hitting it and picking up all the candy that was inside. Yup! Sugar them all up before sending home. YWIA!!!

Minnie's Rainbow
Goofy's Lost hat
Daisy's Flower Garden

Donald's Ducks

Bouncing on the pool.

Toodles Cake

Mickey's Big Surprise.

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