Monday, September 5, 2011

Packing up the gear.

So this morning as I'm picking up a few things in the family room I realize that we not longer need the Bumbo seat since Rebecca can now sit up on her own and I also realize pretty soon she will be done with the swing as well. Right now she only uses the swing to nap and I am going to start working on getting her to nap in the crib. Especially since if we don't clip her in then when she wake up we usually find her sideways in the swing. Something that makes me nervous that one day she will topple out of it.

In addition to packing up the baby gear, another thought crosses my mind. When do I start to sell the stuff? Do I be one of those crazy moms and start making a list of items that I will keep for grand kids? Yes, I know that is a long way away and it will mostly be just toys, no gear. But I do know that I love watching Aiden play with Seth's old matchbox cars and when he is a little older I know that Seth will let him play with his old Transformers. I know that toys are not made the way they used to, but there are a few select toys that I know will stand the test of time and they will be fine ( barring any recalls) for the next generation. Honestly, the only gear that I can see us potentially keeping is the exersaucer and the play mat since you don't really need batteries to play with either. The bouncy seat could also be saved since it breaks down so small, but we will see.

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