Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall? Really? Why yes!

Did you go outside this morning? You did!!!! So did I!! And what did you find outside? Of course the sun was out, but what did you say? You found crisp fall air? You found cool fall temps? Yup I found that too!!! Sooo excited for the fall weather to be here and this weekend is only suppose to be in the low 60s. Perfect weather for apple picking. And that also means that we will be opening the windows up more to get that cool fresh air into the house. It also means that this is the beginning of the craziness. The craziness that makes the rest of the year fly by and you look back and wonder, "what just happened? How is it January already?" The next 2 months are already jammed packed for us. This is just a sample

Sept 17- apple picking
Sept 18 Raynham Fair
Sept 24- possible playdate for the kids
Sept 25- birthday brunch for Seth
Sept 30- Rosh Hashanah
Oct 2- two birthday parties
Oct 8- Yom Kippur
Oct 16- 1 probably 2 birthday parties
Oct 29- Halloween Hayride at Smith Farm.

Honestly November and December are looking pretty mellow right now. Which is a good thing, but I am still looking forward to them this year since it's Rebecca's first.

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