Sunday, September 25, 2011

Breakfast from Hell

Today we had brunch at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield. Its a place that we really like to go. the food is good. The price is pretty decent for the selection that you have and its also a good middle ground place for all parties involved. That being said today was just down right horrible. Horrible to the point that if we didn't go there as often as we do then we probably would never go back again, but we know that service is never like this.

We get there and I should have known how the meal was going to go based on the fact that they sat us near a high school reunion, a 40yr high school reunion. We had a round table so we were pretty squished as well. Usually when you say that you have a party of 10 people then you get a larger round or they put together a couple of tables and make a rectangular table. The server would disappear for quite a while and we pretty much had to go put our dirty dishes on the trays ourselves when someone came back from the buffet line. I finally flagged her down to let her know that we were ready for the cake. She brings out the cake- still in the case, not on a plate and the candles were not on it either. She does give me a server, but no knife to cut the cake with. We finally get the bill. Sort everything out, give her the payment with how much to put on each of the 2 cards in the check booklet. 10mins go by, 15 mins go by, 20 mins go by. Finally someone comes out and says that they are still working on the split that there is a problem with the system. Wait? The check split? That is your problem right there. There is no check split. You authorize one card for one amount and then you authorize the balance on the other card. Its not that hard. Maybe its because I used to be a server that I have higher expectations, but seriously if you don't know what you are doing then you shouldn't be doing the job. By this time the kids are getting antsy. Running around, not listening. Then comes the icing on the cake. While jumping around the kids knocked a plate off the end table and broke it all over the floor. At that point I just popped my cork. I went back there and pretty much screamed at the people. This would have never happened had they gotten their act together. How hard is it to run a credit card? Not to mention that it was like a thousand degrees in the place. So want to here the best part about this whole debacle? I get home look at the receipt and see that they charged us for an extra adult. I already called but the server manager had already left since they close at 1pm. I know have to get a hold of the accounts manager to get a refund now. I was so upset by this whole thing and the thing that made it so bad was this was suppose to be Seth's birthday brunch. I feel like the family gathering was ruined.

We despite all the ruin I did manage to get these shots, but I missed the kids throwing pennies into the fountain while dealing with the check issue.

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  1. What a mess! I would have been so aggravated! Anyway, I am loving the pictures! Look at our kids growing up!