Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time outs and punishments.

I've talked with a few other moms lately and it seems that we are all having the same issues with out kids now in preschool. The hitting. The talking back. The yelling. The throwing toys. The MEGA tantrums of the. littlest. thing. I will admit that we are yellers. Seth and I just get to that point where we can only ask nicely so many times before we hit our boiling point. I get that as a small child it can be daunting to have a big person raise their voice at you and I have read that when this happens usually the child become defensive and they do the opposite of what you want. So....insert time out here. You think, " great that shoudl get the point across." Nope. He laughs at us and gets up. Throws his tantrum elsewhere. So the time out starts all over again because he never actually stayed in time out in the first place it never really started.

It seems to me that things have just seemed to get worse lately. I am pretty sure there are a number of factors that come to aid in this behavior.

1.) potty training- We had a talk with Aiden that once he turned 3 that there were no more pull ups, only underwear. He's done relly well at not hving accidents, but sometimes its a struggle to get him to stop what he is doing to go.

2.) me returning to work- Its a big adjustment, but not too much because really we are just added one more day of daycare. However, he has to get up earlier now. The morning routine is a little different and from my last post I think he is missing the extra day with just me.

3.) Rebecca is now in daycare- Before daycare or "school" was just something that Aiden did. It was all his own. Now Rebecca is going and to a point I wonder if he is not liking the whole "sharing is school" bit.

Those are just a couple of the big things that I can see as the reason for this sudden behavior change. Things are also more hurried now once we get home because its later and I'm trying to scramble to get dinner ready and I know that he just wants to spend some time with us after not being home all day. Either way something needs to be done about the tantrums and the misbehaving. Time outs don't seem to get the pont across right now so in getting some advice from my sister in law she mentioned that you just start taking away things and privelages until he starts to get the point. The past 2 days Aiden has not been allowed to ride his car because he did not have a good report from school. This morning he spent 20mins screaming in the bathroom so there was no Mickey episode and if we get a bad report again today then he may not get a Mickey show tonight either. Its going to be rough, but we'll make it. Its all about molding a good, respectful person.

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  1. I am so ready to give ike away to the next traveling circus i see...sigh