Monday, September 12, 2011

The perfect weekend.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend. Sunny, not hot with a nice breeze. Made you want to stay outside all day. Saturday we were slow to get moving, but by mid morning we were ready to go and play outside. Aiden rode his car all over the yard. Then he went with Seth to do some errands while I did some cleaning around the house. Put away the dishes, laundry, etc. While Aiden was napping we talked about what we wanted to do the rest of the day and I mentioned going to the park since we really haven’t done that much this year. Yes we have a swing set in the backyard but its different when you go to a park. There are other kids there. More things to climb on. Many slides to go down. It’s the whole atmosphere. I’ll admit that the reason we really haven’t gone is because of Rebecca’s nap schedule, but in the afternoon we can sacrifice her nap so that we can get out just a little bit and if we are doing something the she really doesn’t notice that she is missing a nap. It was just a great time overall. I even made a friend, a little girl carrying around a baby doll that started to follow me around because I was holding Rebecca. She wanted to be just like me. I was swinging. She sat down on the swing and put her “baby” in her lap. After a little bit I walked over to the baby swings where Aiden and Seth were and she followed me over, made sure that her “baby” was positioned just right on her hip as Rebecca was. It was soo cute. One day that will be Rebecca.

Sunday we got up, got ready and headed out to breakfast as we do every Sunday morning. Rebecca went in for a nap after we got home and Aiden came with me to the store to get a few things. Afterwards he played with his car while Seth mowed the lawn. He asked to go to the park again and I felt bad telling him that we couldn’t go since sister was still sleeping, but once he saw our neighbors Ashton and Braydon out he wanted to go over there to play so we did. Later that day we had planned to go to my great aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary party, but all weekend Aiden had been coughing and she was raspy and had a runny nose so I thought he had a change of season cold. I was bummed that we were going to cancel last minute since it was with family that I don’t get to see often, but I didn’t want him to get anyone sick. This morning he still woke up raspy and had a cough, but the more I think about it the more it seems that he may actually have allergies. He has all the same symptoms that I have when I have an allergy attack, and when he blows his nose its all clear. I might have to go pick up some children’s allergy meds to see if that helps him out.

But that was our weekend and I hated to see it end. I hope next weekend is just as nice since are planning on going apple picking. This year we are going twice and I will freeze the apple slices so I can use them for pies and crisps through out the winter.

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