Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturdays Laughs

Yes I realize that I am a day late, but better late then never I guess.

5. A few weeks ago Aiden was running around our staircase. On the wall of our living room I have a giant clock. Aiden asked me to take the clock off the wall because "the big, black clock is scary". Its just a standard large round clock/

4. The other day Aiden wanted to play peek a boo with Rebecca so he grabbed her blanket and he had his blanket and they were playing together, He was even putting her blanket back over her head so that she could pull it down and he would say "BOO!" to her. She cracks up laughing every time.

3. Rebecca's favorite stuffed animal is a stuffed Grinch that we got from Kohl's the Christmas before she was born. We got it with the book. She does like other stuffed animals and her dolls but this Grinch is by far her favorite of them all. I guess there is a reason that the Ugly Doll plush sells so well.

2. If you scold Rebecca for doing something, like getting into the cat food yet again. then she has started to ginve you the puppy dog eyes and sometimes she will put her head down on the floor and start to cry a little. She's learning really fast how to get you.

1. We have been telling Aiden that I am going back to work so that I can make monmey to pay for things around the house. The other day Aiden grabbed his keyboard sat on the couch and said that he was going to work so that he can make some checks.

I do have a couple more but I think that I am going to save those for next week. How was your weekend?

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  1. The big clock is scary,lol! I love that he said he was going to work to pay for his checks. He is too cute! Love your laughs! They always crack me up:)