Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Party Craziness- Part 1 & 2

The last weekend in January we went to a birthday party for a friend of ours. Aiden loves to get together with his friends to play. His parents, our friends, Jen and Dave had their son, Max's party at Stardust Gym. Its a cute little gym/gymnasium that does all sorts of things. Aiden calls it an indoor playground since that is easier for him to comprehend. Here are a few shots of party #1 in three weeks.

                                                                                            Playing in the foam pit.

                            Walking on the balance beam.

                                                                                      Jumping on the air trampolene.

                                     Playing with the parachute.

The following weekend we had the birthday party for another one of Aiden's friends, Jon. They love playing together and when we tell Aiden that he is going to see Jon he gets really excited. Actually to the point that we can't tell until a short time before we are going to see him otherwise Aiden will ask all day when we are going to see Jon. It's cute. I guess Jon does the same thing. Here are some shots from Jon's party.

 Horsing around together.
 Eating a cheese puff.

The following weekend was Rebecca's party. That is for another post. I am sure that Aiden will be asking when the next birthday party is for himto go to. Next month little man. You have 2 parties next month.

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  1. We love Stardust Gym! The kids all go there for gymnastics!