Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturdays Top 5 laughs

Yup another day late post, but ehh...

5.) Last weekend we went to IHOP for breakfast and Aiden had ham with his breakfast. Seth also had ham with his as well. So in seeing the two plates Aiden says, "Daddy you have a big ham and I have a little ham." had you not been sitting at the table it could have bee taken totally out of context.

4.) Aiden has a small remote control car. The other day he took it out to play with it, but the batteries were dead because he left it on. I told him that the batteries were dead. "Mommy we have to get some double AA batteries for my car." Don't know how he knew what batteries belonged in said car.

3.) It started to snow a little yesterday and when Aiden saw that it was snowing he said, "Mommy its snowing! Santa Claus is coming!!"

2.) Rebecca is in the dropping phase right now so she will look at you give a little devilish smile and then drop whatever she is holding on the floor. She totally knows what she is doing. And if you say "uh oh!" to her she starts to giggle.

1.) Rebecca loves to be thrown about like a little doll. She squeals in delight and if you stop she lets out the biggest complainer cry. She'll throw herself down on her belly, arch her back and start kicking her leg out in protest.

 Complaining that she has to wait her turn.


  1. I would have been hysterical if I was eating with you guys! Way too funny:) Aw at Santa Claus coming- I wish Aiden- maybe if we pray together, he will come early:) Uh-oh and giggling- too funny! She is just too cute!!

  2. sounds pretty fun at your house!

  3. haha, love the "uh-oh" + giggle phase :)