Monday, February 20, 2012

Becoming Husbandless

So Seth left yesterday morning for a week down in Mississippi for business. Not going to lie, I'm was a little nervous because this will be the first time that we have been apart for this long since I was in Savannah for school...back in 2001. There have been a few nights here and there that we have been apart, like for a bachelorette party and then there was when the kids were born- no point in both of us not getting any rest. Either way it has been far and few that we have been apart. Yes, I know that I now get the whole bed to myself and I can watch whatever I want, but I can do that anytime since we have more then one t.v. I know that I am fully capable to do this all by myself, but its that fact that I have someone here that wants to be here and wants to help out that makes it so much better. Someone to tell my day to, someone to share dinner with, someone to hug and kiss goodnight and to cuddle with on the couch as we watch a show together. I know that this time gives me a chance to catch up on my consignment tagging that needs to be finished up badly, but I know that to a point I will still feel lonely that he is not here. We do plan to Skype each night so that Aiden and Rebecca can see Seth, tell him about their days at school and say good night. We all know that is not the same. It will have to do for the week. Either way the week will go by fast and before you know it we will all be back together again and Seth will have a bunch to tell us about his trip.

**p.s.- sleeping in the middle of the bed, you know the spot that never gets slept on and is still nice and firm as the day you bought the mattress, OMG that was soo comfortable.**

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