Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday Fun

(This was last Friday)

Now that Rebecca has her own push "car", as Aiden likes to call it, he is all about running round the stairs with him and having Rebecca follow him. He manages to get a few laps in before she finishes her first since you have to help her navigate around the turns. She hasn't mastered that just yet. Another thing that he likes to do is push her around when she is sitting in it. I love that hers has these little bars around it so Aiden can push her really fast and I don't have to worry about her toppling over..... like this.

(she toppled over right as I snapped the picture)

Either way they have fun and we even get in on it. Seth and I will take turns pushing Rebecca. Chasing Aiden. He gets a hoot out of it and she cracks up laughing the whole time. The only time that she gets upset is when you stop. She lets out the biggest whien/fake cry ever. Yeah, she's already learning how to milk it big time. I love that they play together and I also love that it let sout a bunch of energy that Aiden may have pent up. Though sometimes it does get both of the kids riled up pretty good and neither of them know when enough is enough. This was last Friday.

NO!!! I don't want to stop!!!
Getting a helping hand from big brother.

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  1. They are adorable! The pic where you caught her toppling over is pretty funny (as long as she was ok! LOL) great timing for that picture!